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 Forthteen years have passed since the founder of ALPHASAUNA built his first set of sauna accessories. We are proud of our focus - a solid craft tradition, deep knowledge and professional build team, we are passionate about providing high quality sauna experiences, including traditional saunas, outdoor barrel saunas, infrared saunas, camping houses, soaking Bath buckets, ice buckets, sauna accessories and more.

The true well-being characteristic of our sauna products cannot be found anywhere else. When you invest in ALPHASAUNA's products, you are not only investing in the product, but also in your health. Years of development, experience and unremitting pursuit of perfection have brought us to where we are today. A master of relaxation for you and your health year after year.

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You will find that garden saunas with ice buckets are a trending high-quality wellness product right now. The temperature difference between hot and cold can speed up your blood circulation and beautify your skin.A sauna at home with an ice bucket is the perfect place to settle in and relax. We combine the ancient traditions of Finnish saunas with exquisite manufacturing techniques to give you a high-end sauna experience.

Quality craftsmanship Genuine Canadian wood

Resistant to bad weather

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Peace of mind with our three-year warranty and 5-year technical service

Sustainable and environmentally friendly milling

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Alphasauna New Product Cold Plunge Tub

Cold bath can stimulate the nerves and cardiovascular system. During cold bath, the blood vessels of the skin contract suddenly, the caliber of the blood vessels becomes thicker, and a large amount of blood flows to the internal organs and deep tissues. Such exercise can not only increase the strength of the blood vessel wall and prevent hardening,

Cold Plunge

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Wood Burning Hot Tub & Electric Hot Tub

Alphasauna - Hot tubs are available in a variety of materials, including (heat-treated wood, pine, cedar, etc.) hot tub styles are available with electric heating and wood heating. We can accept customization, contact us to customize your own is a hot tub, bathing under the blue sky


Alphasauna is a professional manufacturer of sauna products based in Huizhou city. 

We specialize in the research, development, production, sales, and service of wellness products such as outdoor and indoor sauna rooms, cold plunge, wooden hot tubs, and sauna accessories.

 Our products are exported to over 36 countries and we have exclusive OEM and ODM capabilities. 

We are committed to providing high-quality products, strict quality control, thoughtful customer service, and competitive pricing. 

Our team is dedicated to continuous innovation and bringing a healthy lifestyle to all of our customers.

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Alphasauna-far infrared home sauna room is delicate and compact, suitable for indoor use,And with a simple installation process ,you could enjoy the sauna conveniently


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