Cold Plunge Tub Outdoor-Alphasauna

Cold Plunge Tub Outdoor-Alphasauna
*Wooden Home Health Bath Bucket

*Model LC-001AC-3

*MOQ Without limitation

*Payment L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union

*Place of Origin China

*Brand Alphasauna

Product name:Cold plunge tub

Water   drain,water   inlet/outlet

Stainless steel band ,Seat,Step,Cover

Chiller  system:9000BTU,500-1000L  capacity,

1HP=0.75KW  Cooling&Heating.520G

R410A/R32110-120V.60HZ/220-240V  5OH

Setting temp O~40 , default temp setting:25 .          

water can lower 4-5 degress / per hour.

Circulation  pump  included  as  built-in.DN25  nozzles.

Filter system/ozone system available

PVC/stainless  steel/fiberglass  liner/pool  liner  available

small cold plunge pool

Product           details:



1  person


Thermo-thailand   Rubber


 glow sauna,

Material: Thermo wood
Certification: CE
Availability: OEM, ODM, OEM/ODM
Delivery Time: 15 Days
Start Port: Shenzhen Port
Supply Ability: 100


ice bath treatment

ice bath treatmentice bath treatment

Upgrade your cold therapy routine with a premium Cold Plunge Tub Outdoor. Crafted by top Cold Plunge Tub Outdoor manufacturers with high-grade materials, our selection offers durability and effectiveness for your physical and mental well-being. Choose from a variety of styles to suit your needs and enjoy the benefits of cold therapy at an affordable Cold Plunge Tub Outdoor price. Don't let the cold weather hold you back from experiencing the rejuvenating effects of a Cold Plunge Tub Outdoor. Browse our selection today and invest in your health and wellness at a competitive Cold Plunge Tub Outdoor price.

 1: Thermo wood is the most suitable, with strong corrosion resistance, both indoor and outdoor, cost-effective, compared to CEDAR.
Economy models can be heat-treated with pine, and high-end models can be heat-treated with hemlock.
2: the size of our chiller is: 655*400*518MM
3: the cooling volume of our chiller is 500-1000L
4: Is the noise level of our chiller ≤52dB(A)
5: Our chiller has a built-in water pump system. 1KW Chiller system temperature arranges from 3 degrees to 10 degrees.
Water can lower to 3 degrees within 1.5 hours. 
6: Is the packaging size of a separate wooden bathtub 920*920*1150MM. The package size with the chiller system is 1430*920*1150MM.  The product is assembled and packaged as a whole set, customers can use it directly when unpacking the package.
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