Chill Out and Recover with Our Metal Tub for Ice Baths - Alphasaun

metal tub for ice bath
Chill Out and Recover with Our Metal Tub for Ice Baths - Alphasaun
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Place of Origin : China

Brand : Alphasauna
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Product name: Metal Tub For Ice Bath

Water outlet

Stainless steel liner

Filter, ozone


Insulation cover

lce chiller with water pump

Seat available

how to make a cold plunge tub at home

cold plunge tub at home

Product details:

1 Person Outdoor Home Cold Plunge Tub

External tub size:L1825*W1212*H625MM

Inneral liner size:L1480*W682*H56OMM


 glow sauna,

Material: Thermo wood

Certification: CE

Availability: OEM, ODM, OEM/ODM

Delivery Time: 15 Days

Start Port: Shenzhen Port

Supply Ability: 100

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 1: Thermo wood is the most suitable, with strong corrosion resistance, both indoor and outdoor, cost-effective, compared to CEDAR.
Economy models can be heat-treated with pine, and high-end models can be heat-treated with hemlock.
2: the size of our chiller is: 655*400*518MM
3: the cooling volume of our chiller is 500-1000L
4: Is the noise level of our chiller ≤52dB(A)
5: Our chiller has a built-in water pump system. 1KW Chiller system temperature arranges from 3 degrees to 10 degrees.
Water can lower to 3 degrees within 1.5 hours. 
6: Is the packaging size of a separate wooden bathtub 920*920*1150MM. The package size with the chiller system is 1430*920*1150MM.  The product is assembled and packaged as a whole set, customers can use it directly when unpacking the package.